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Cutest kitty

I was looking for an email in my inbox, and I found some pictures of Jack that I have on my phone and had emailed to myself. He is SO adorable! I need to take some new pics– this one is a couple months old. As he’s gotten bigger, his markings have become much more distinct. Perhaps I’ll have more to share soon. For now, enjoy!

Sometimes these things are just cool…

Okay, so I like horoscopes. For purely entertainment purposes. Some days, they are better than others. I get 2 horoscopes from 2 sources every day… oddly, they never seem to “foretell” the same fate for any given day… oddly ironic, that is. Here’s an interesting read from that I wanted to remember, perhaps more for the sentiment behind it than for its value in predicting my day.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Lauren S. World,
The uneasiness in your life now comes from your awareness that change is inevitable. Even if you are in a good space, don’t waste too much energy fretting about what you may lose. You won’t really lose anything. Things can change for the better. It’s all in your attitude, and if you can visualize the good that’s coming your way, then it will.

Fahrenheit 9/11

I saw it on Friday, and I’d like to post more about it soon… but for now, I just have to make the public service announcement– go see this movie. Sure, it’s biased. But it’s a bias that has not been presented yet. And I’m all about the drummer who takes to his own beat, Thoreau-style.

Until I can post more, fight the system.

omg she’s done it!

okay, so i added frames, and, pretty soon, i’m gonna repost all my old pseudo-blog entries as real entries. until then, you can access the old index page (and series of “previous entry” links) here

The South Beach Diet

It sucks. Day 3, and I’m already scrapping it. For the past 3 days, I have had a headache, been tired, and been obsessed with food. I learned some great lessons from it about watching what I eat and limiting bad carbs, but my body told me that something was wrong. So, now I’m enjoying a smoothie and getting some energy. Yaay!

The good thing is, now I’m motivated to work out more. Kinda hard to work out when you have ZERO energy.

Lots more to say, but no time right now to say it. Until later… stay away from any diet that prohibits fruit!

mostly filler… a disclaimer

so, my last post is rather dismal. but it’s not indicative of how things are in general. so i wanted to add a disclaimer to state that i’m using this blog as an opportunity to take snapshots of how i feel at one moment. obviously, one isn’t usually motivated to rant or ramble on about things they have mediocre emotions about. so, while these entries may seem to teeter from joy to misery, i am not bipolar. moody, perhaps, but not manic depressive.

on that note, things are good 🙂 better get back to work!

oh yeah, day 2 of the south beach diet. things are going really well. i have lots of energy… and i am eating much healthier. perhaps i will post my progress. why? because I CAN.

until later, keep things crazy.

Wanting more

Okay, so here’s the big thing I realized… work is not for me. Come on, Lauren, you say, we all have to work. Sure, but does it have to suck so badly? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life… my career… and, let’s face it, I don’t want my job to be such a JOB. So I’ve come to the epiphany that is driving me to return to school a helluva lot sooner than I’d imagined. Sure, I figured I would go to grad school in say, 3-5 years. But the catalyst of boredom is pushing up my turntable. I mean, one of the happiest people I know in the world is a Professor. The man LOVES what he does… he LOVES his job, his wife, his kids, his life. He is just generally happy and totally stoked about what he does. And that’s what I want. I want to love my life. I want to be intellectually stimulated with my work. I want to solve the problems that have no solution. I want to attack the issues that may not be resolvable. I want… the hell out of this cubicle, the metaphor for the job that restricts my thoughts to a confined space…

Now, I’d better get back to work. Joy.

Maynard James Keenan…

… surprisingly (to the common, non-Tool or non-APC obsessed individual) makes me laugh from time to time, such as in this interview, when asked “Do any of your lyrics and vocal melodies come from dreams that you’re aware of, and/or do you feel that some of the lyrics may have come from a dimension of consciousness that exists between dreaming and dreamless sleep that occultists like Kenneth Grant call ‘The Mauve Zone?'”

MJK: funny you should ask. that very question came to me in that in between state of consciousness/unconsciousness that few can accurately describe. in that moment, the time between time, i knew the answer, found a magic spider to help me weave the answer in it’s web, and then read the answer aloud in a foreign tongue i was unaware i spoke (i’m guessing it was aramaic). then i woke up in a pool of my own sick. the moral, of course, being… know your dealer and know your limits.

Fucking Fabulous!!

I had to add this one, just because it is FANTASTIC:

No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals, and the Lakers seem ill-equipped to become the first.



Man, I love basketball. And I love, love, love seeing the Lakers lose… especially when my boy Rasheed Wallace is on the opposing team. And, let me tell you, ‘Sheed is a badass on and off the courts. Check this out:

Wallace took his best shot after the game, when he was asked whether winning an NBA title would change the way he’s perceived by the media.

“So you think that if we do win it Tuesday or whatever, you think y’all are still going to write nothing bad about me?” he responded.

“That doesn’t bother me, man, because like my mom always told me, 50 percent of the people love you and 50 percent hate you,” he added. “So what y’all write about [what you want about] me. It’s all like water off a duck’s back, man.”


More to come on this one…