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Maynard James Keenan…

… surprisingly (to the common, non-Tool or non-APC obsessed individual) makes me laugh from time to time, such as in this interview, when asked “Do any of your lyrics and vocal melodies come from dreams that you’re aware of, and/or do you feel that some of the lyrics may have come from a dimension of consciousness that exists between dreaming and dreamless sleep that occultists like Kenneth Grant call ‘The Mauve Zone?'”

MJK: funny you should ask. that very question came to me in that in between state of consciousness/unconsciousness that few can accurately describe. in that moment, the time between time, i knew the answer, found a magic spider to help me weave the answer in it’s web, and then read the answer aloud in a foreign tongue i was unaware i spoke (i’m guessing it was aramaic). then i woke up in a pool of my own sick. the moral, of course, being… know your dealer and know your limits.

Fucking Fabulous!!

I had to add this one, just because it is FANTASTIC:

No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals, and the Lakers seem ill-equipped to become the first.



Man, I love basketball. And I love, love, love seeing the Lakers lose… especially when my boy Rasheed Wallace is on the opposing team. And, let me tell you, ‘Sheed is a badass on and off the courts. Check this out:

Wallace took his best shot after the game, when he was asked whether winning an NBA title would change the way he’s perceived by the media.

“So you think that if we do win it Tuesday or whatever, you think y’all are still going to write nothing bad about me?” he responded.

“That doesn’t bother me, man, because like my mom always told me, 50 percent of the people love you and 50 percent hate you,” he added. “So what y’all write about [what you want about] me. It’s all like water off a duck’s back, man.”


More to come on this one…