Sometimes these things are just cool…

Okay, so I like horoscopes. For purely entertainment purposes. Some days, they are better than others. I get 2 horoscopes from 2 sources every day… oddly, they never seem to “foretell” the same fate for any given day… oddly ironic, that is. Here’s an interesting read from that I wanted to remember, perhaps more for the sentiment behind it than for its value in predicting my day.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Lauren S. World,
The uneasiness in your life now comes from your awareness that change is inevitable. Even if you are in a good space, don’t waste too much energy fretting about what you may lose. You won’t really lose anything. Things can change for the better. It’s all in your attitude, and if you can visualize the good that’s coming your way, then it will.