Monthly Archives: July 2004

laurensworld circa 1999

I found this old zip disk when I moved, and I’ve been meaning to bring it in to work because I don’t have a zip drive at home. So, I brought it in today, and it’s got from 1999! Now, that was back in the day when the site was filled with content, and it had some badass graphics. Check out this graphic that was on the first page of the site… I’m still proud of it to this day. If only I hadn’t lost the original Photoshop in an unfortunate disk drive death… But oh well, that’s life. Check out some old skooL laurensworld, and I’ll be sure to post more later. I’ve got to get this stuff off of the zip disk so I can sort through it tonight/this week.

The original was too wide (it screwed up my blogger layout), so I posted a thumbnail that links to the original. Enjoy!

Missing links

Man, I just found some of my poetry that’s still up at my geocities site (via the wonders of google). I need to get my poetry collection back up on laurensworld, but I’ve not had the time, desire, or net access at home to do so. Want to read what’s out there now? Go for it. Here you’ll find an older piece that I featured after taking down my poetry collection (entitled kaleidoscope) in a moment of absurdity. Here’s some more recent stuff (about a year old).

Just a little taste to show you another dimension. I’ll try to get all of kaleidoscope back up soon, if anyone is still interested 😉

Spiral Out

That’s the title for my most recent (and I believe, greatest) painting. None of my other pieces have titles, so perhaps that is why I am so amazed by the painting. And what’s even cooler is that the name came *while* I was painting. For the non-Tool fans out there, the title is from a Tool song (Lateralus). I should take some pictures of my paintings and post them. Make no mistake– I’m no Van Gogh. All my stuff is pretty abstract. However, I’ve only been painting for about a month, so I’m pretty pleased with my results as of yet.

Being in a technical field, I really like having artistic outlets. Not just creative but artistic outlets, as computer science has the potential to be wildly creative, despite what some may think. Of course, I don’t get that many creative ventures at work right now, but I hope that changes.

Until I can post more about my inner Picasso, keep fighting the power.