Spiral Out

That’s the title for my most recent (and I believe, greatest) painting. None of my other pieces have titles, so perhaps that is why I am so amazed by the painting. And what’s even cooler is that the name came *while* I was painting. For the non-Tool fans out there, the title is from a Tool song (Lateralus). I should take some pictures of my paintings and post them. Make no mistake– I’m no Van Gogh. All my stuff is pretty abstract. However, I’ve only been painting for about a month, so I’m pretty pleased with my results as of yet.

Being in a technical field, I really like having artistic outlets. Not just creative but artistic outlets, as computer science has the potential to be wildly creative, despite what some may think. Of course, I don’t get that many creative ventures at work right now, but I hope that changes.

Until I can post more about my inner Picasso, keep fighting the power.