Daily Archives: 2004-08-10

Still can’t quite do it

Well, I have many things to ponder and discuss, but I still can’t bring myself to post my most pressing (and intimate) thoughts on this blog. Why? Vulnerability. Exposure. Humiliation. And the like.

I used to encode such thoughts in poetry, so that’s something to consider. Perhaps I will take a different angle and start writing ficitonal stories through which I can convey the same emotions and thoughts… but that sounds like a considerable amount of work when I could just write in my MacJournal or one of my paper journals. Although I suppose part of the reason for posting an entry to this blog is to get feedback/comments/whatever… another reason is simply to share, though… to release whatever it is that is weighing on me so that I can… Hmm. So that I can what? What the hell is the point?