Bikes Against Bush: Technology Saavy Protestor

Check out this article, entitled Bike Writer Pedals for Protests, and be sure to watch the video. At first, I was a little confused by the article. The video really clarifies how cool Joshua Kinberg, the creator, is… this project is his master’s thesis. The coolness factor of this project keeps compounding to a higher degree!! I need and want to read more about Kinberg’s project… I think it could be wildly inspiring, which couldn’t come at a more perfect time for me… I hope to discuss that at length later. However, I’m not sure if I’m ready to unveil all my thoughts online.

See, I keep a separate journal on my iBook that is basically a private blog. That’s where I vent and reflect and ponder… I’m not sure if I’m ready to completely surrender to the world of blogging yet. I don’t know if I can just release my wild, untamed thoughts to the world, even if only a few people see them. That’s something I’m going to have to consider. I mean, I know that I’ll never release my iBook journal (or any of my many handwritten journals) unedited in its entirety– because many of my entries are about things that I never talk to anyone about. I mean, it may sound crazy, but I feel like, via my journal I am able to work through my issues, concerns, thoughts, and what have you… by having a discussion with myself. I’ve kept a journal for years… used to keep handwritten ones, and I recently found a neat little program called MacJournal that I really like. I mean, many of my journal entries are written as if I am talking to myself. And it works for me. So can I merge the two? I don’t know. I think I need to find my own balance between the two. I don’t show ANYONE the contents of certain journal entries, simply because I allow myself complete freedom to ponder any and everything (and I’d be a little embarrassed for someone to see just how obsessive I can be). So I can’t see revealing all my thoughts in a blog when I don’t share all my private journal entries with anyone but myself. Hmm… much to ponder.

My conclusion for now is that I’d like to let go a little so that I can post more meaningful entries on my blog. Of course, not every entry will be moving/striking/whatever, but I know that I have more interesting things to say than the little tidbits I’ve been posting. I now have a topic for reflection. And that rules.

One thought on “Bikes Against Bush: Technology Saavy Protestor

  1. Having read almost all of your blog in the past hour (Just the first two months of archives to go) I’d say that the bits you have posted from your “private” blog were by far the best.

    Your philisophical musings struck a chord that sounded like the perfect note. Play the instrument as it is supposed to be played.

    Here endeth the lesson.

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