Mac Specialist

I’ve been trying to get a part-time job to supplement my income… so that I can pay off my exisiting credit card debt… and perhaps one day actually have enough cash on hand to buy a REAL shower curtain 😉

So, this is interesting. This weekend, my iBook’s power adapter decided it was its time to croak. The only thing worse than a laptop with a dead battery is a laptop with no way of charging the battery… or even running the machine. So, I checked out to see how much a new power adapter was gonna set me back… $79! Man, I love my mac, but it sucks when things break because it’s expensive! Anyhow, I HAVE to get this power adapter because I have work I need to do on my iBook that’s time-sensitive. So I figured I’d stop by my local Apple Store this evening… at Northpoint Mall.

Then, I realized something– why not see if the Apple Store is hiring??! Apple, being it’s super cool self, has a job search on its site… even for retail jobs. So, a few clicks later, I’d sent my resume to Apple for a Mac Specialist position at the Northpoint Retial Store. And I’m excited at the prospect– this sounds like a part-time job that I could actually enjoy. An employee discount at the Apple store would rule, too.

Needless to say, someone from the Apple store called me this afternoon– talk about turnaround! I’ve got an interview on Wednesday for a part-time position. I only hope that my somewhat limited availabilty (primarily weekends, holidays, perhaps a couple weeknights) doesn’t pose too big of an issue as far as getting the job. I mean, obviously I’m not concerned about my qualifications. Frankly, I’m overqualified for the position, but that’s the point in my seeking part-time gig. I mean, it’s certainly more appropriate than most of the part-time jobs I’ve been considering. I really think it could be a fun job… it’s the only position I’ve been really excited about in my recent search for a second job. Here’s hoping…