My iBook

For some reason, I recently became convinced that my iBook was approaching its 3rd birthday. When my power adapter died this weekend, I began reconsidering how long I’ve had it. So I dug into my iBook records and checked the receipt… I bought it on 11/24/2002, so I’ve had my iBook about 20 months– it’s not quite 2 yrs old. This seems important, primarily because I was thinking that my sweet little iBook was becoming a dinosaur… I mean, it performs excellently to this day (aside from the dead power adapter I had to replace today– which had some cool side-effects– see today’s earlier entry)… but I was thinking that it was getting up there in the years, so far as technology lifespans go. Anyhoo… while my iBook may be “middle aged,” it’s still a fresh-faced youngster to me 😉