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More Viggo Pics!

More pics of Viggo… these are still from my camera phone, so they aren’t the most amazing quality, but you can still see how cute Viggo is!

The Stars Predict an Interesting Day…

Horoscope city! Both of my ‘scopes for today were interesting… and I hope that they are actually accurate, so I’m sharing them to try and reinforce them by directing energy towards them… or something like that 😉

Lauren S. World,
Something has slipped past your gates of awareness and you might not be totally aware of what’s happening. There can be someone who is working against you, but their impact on others can be minimized if you pay attention. The real key is what’s going on within your own subconscious. Take time to reflect on what you really need and what you have to do to get it. Think big but act carefully.

A new relationship is likely to form soon, and it will probably be with someone who is already in your life. Perhaps it is someone you knew in high school and you’re just recently back in touch, or perhaps a colleague at work suddenly begins to pay you a lot of attention. Romance is definitely in the air today, LAUREN, so keep your eyes open for subtle cues from the men in your life.


I am loving A Perfect Circle‘s cover of Imagine.

I guess I’m partial, considering my obsession with Maynard’s voice, but it’s just really good. I mean, they certainly took a good song and gave it their own twist– it’s dark, eerie, and unsettling. I love it!

This is a single from the upcoming cd, eMOTIVe, which is being released on election day, Nov. 2. It’s an album of covers of “Revolutionary Anthems.” If you’re interested (as I am!), you can find more information at Billboard.

I cannot wait to hear Maynard seeing Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On.” OMG I just may lose it!


Well, with two jobs comes a few issues:

1. No time to update your blog frequently.

2. Concerns about your lonely cat.

With this post, I’m seeking to address both these issues. Since I’ve been working a lot lately, I was worried that Jack was becoming depressed. And depressed cats are no good because they soon become destructive cats. This past Saturday, I remedied that issue. I adopted a new kitten– a friend for Jack– from CARL (Companion Animal Rescue League) at PetsMart in Duluth. So, here he is in all his cuteness! Meet Viggo, who’s a pint size little 10-week old tabby kitten. Oh, but he’s got a big heart and lots of courage!

The most fortunate thing of all is that Jack and Viggo have been getting along great! Jack’s acting like a big brother, and he seems happier in general, aside from an occasional spat of jealousy when Viggo hops up into my lap or into the bed. However, those tend to pass and the two kitties run along and play just fine together. Not only is Viggo really playful and curious, but he’s also completely sweet and adorable!

Well, I must be going now. Hopefully my next post will come soon. I hope to be getting internet service at home soon in the form of a cable modem and wireless network. Cross your fingers for me!

John Kerry Comes Out Swinging

John Kerry finally stepped up to the plate… Check out this article for more fun and political games. Kerry proved his strength to me with the way he’s handled the constant attacks by the Bush campaign– like a duck… calm on the surface, yet paddling like hell underneath. Then, once the time was right, the man strong enough to lead this nation took off his kid gloves. Hell yeah.

Here’s some excerpts from Kerry’s recent speech:

“I’m not going to have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could have and by those who misled America into Iraq.”

“Let me tell you what I think makes someone unfit for duty. Misleading our nation into war in Iraq makes you unfit to lead this country. Doing nothing while this nation loses millions of jobs makes you unfit to lead this nation. Letting 45 million Americans go without healthcare for four years makes you unfit to lead this nation. Letting the Saudi royal family control the price of oil for Americans makes you unfit to lead this country. Handing out billions of dollars in contracts without a bid to Halliburton while you’re still on their payroll makes you unfit to lead this country.”

“That, my friends, is the record of George Bush and Dick Cheney, and that only begins to scratch the surface. This president has misled American workers and misled the American people.”

Theme Songs

So, I recall seeing this episode of Ally McBeal that had something to do with picking your own theme music. This thought came to mind when I was driving into work at 7 this morning (first day of working two jobs– work @ Radiant from 7-4:45, then Apple from 5:30-10 PM), so I thought I’d pick a theme song… the one I was listening to right then. So my current theme song is Lateralus by Tool. I’ve pasted the lyrics below (obtained from Toolshed). If you can and would like, give my theme song a listen or two. Sure, the lyrics are a good way to understand the context of my theme music but to really get it, you must hear it!

What’s your theme song?



Black then white are all I see in my infancy.

red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me.

lets me see.

As below, so above and beyond, I imagine

drawn beyond the lines of reason.

Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.

Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I must

Feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines.

Black then white are all I see in my infancy.

red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me.

lets me see there is so much more

and beckons me to look through to these infinite possibilities.

As below, so above and beyond, I imagine

drawn outside the lines of reason.

Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.

Withering my intuition leaving all these opportunities behind.

Feed my will to feel this moment urging me to cross the line.

Reaching out to embrace the random.

Reaching out to embrace whatever may come.

I embrace my desire to

feel the rhythm, to feel connected

enough to step aside and weep like a widow

to feel inspired, to fathom the power,

to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain,

to swing on the spiral

of our divinity and still be a human.

With my feet upon the ground I lose myself

between the sounds and open wide to suck it in,

I feel it move across my skin.

I’m reaching up and reaching out,

I’m reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.

And following our will and wind we may just go where no one’s been.

We’ll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one’s been.

Spiral out. Keep going, going…