Understanding Brings Greater Appreciation

Have you ever liked a song, only to find that once you *really* understand the lyrics, you *love* the song? This has recently happened to me with Tool’s song Schism from the album Lateralus. Now, Schism is a great song, and I thought I knew what Maynard was singing, but it turns out I was wrong. There’s one part of the song in particular that I’d completely misunderstood… after finding out the actual lyrics, I love this song and especially this part of the song even more… If you listen to the song, this part starts around 2:18, and these are the lyrics that are just amazing:

The poetry that comes from the squaring off between,

And the circling is worth it.

Finding beauty in the dissonance.

You really can’t understand the full impact of the lyrics + music unless you listen to the song. It’s not just the music or the words, but it’s the way Maynard enunciates and how the music complements both the words and his inflection. If you take a minute to really comprehend what he’s saying, it compounds the effects. Simply. Amazing.