Billy Howerdel

One of my new favorite vocalists is Billy Howerdel, the guitarist for APC. He’s actually doing lead and co-vocals on eMOTIVe, and he’s amazing. I really hope that he’s featured more in APC’s future albums. I had *no* idea. He’s on the level of Maynard, especially considering that I wasn’t sure if it was Maynard singing on all of these songs. Well, it’s not Maynard on all the tracks– Billy’s actually the lead vocalist on two of my favorite tracks (Peace, Love, and Understanding & Freedom of Choice). And he’s badass. Damn!

I like surprises like this one. Hell yeah!

5 thoughts on “Billy Howerdel

  1. i know this is old, but i just found this page and well i think Billy is an AWSOME guitar player, A Perfect Circle is my favorite band!!!!!

  2. Cool, looking 4ward 2 ur future blogs. By the way, bought emotive the other day, Passive does kick ass, i also really like counting bodies like sheep. Have you got Amotion, the dvd and rmix album??? its pretty cool to.

  3. Awesome, glad to see that I am getting an audience… and that we have some things in common. Keep reading, and I’ll keep posting my perspective on things 😉

  4. Hey,
    I totally agree with you, he’s so cool!!!
    I just stumbled upon your site and its really cool!!! You love all the smae things as me!
    Now that Maynard is going back to TOOL hopefully Billy will be doin some more vocals on whatever his new project is going to be!

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