Daily Archives: 2004-12-22

Before it was funny, now I am scared.

Here’s the latest e-mail from Gold’s Gym. Should I be nervous or pleased that they are keeping tabs on me?


You did a great job on working out consistently last week. I know that coming in regularly requires a good deal of commitment; it will pay off for you. Keep it up.

I mean, it’s cool and motivating that they do keep up with me, but it’s slightly annerving to have someone knowing where I’ve been and stuff… Kinda like having a significant other without all the good stuff.


I’ve been pretty good lately about getting enough sleep. Except for the past week. Right now I am tired, and now I realize how much I hate being sleepy. It just makes things that much harder…

Annoyances, part deux

So, writing about things that annoy me is fun, particularly because there are so many annoying things in the world. I also tend to be my most animated when writing about such things… I wrote a paper in ENGL 1101 about my experiences as a Photo Lab Technician that was so animated my professor decided to read it aloud… Anyhow… I mean, I know of two people tops besides me who ever actually read this, so I guess it doesn’t really matter… Yep, I am prattling on and on… Back to my point…

Working in retail brings up a whole slew of annoying things. While I won’t get into specifics now, I’ll give a couple of general annoyances that have rubbed me the wrong way lately.

  • Having too many choices is annoying. Two examples– first, I stood in the aisle of the grocery store for 5-10 minutes last night trying to pick some salsa. There are simply too many options. I don’t understand why we need 20+ options for SALSA. I’d like 6 tops– regular and chunky, each in mild, medium, and hot. Why are there SO many freaking kinds of salsa? Based on my attempt to pick one, they all appear to have the same or similar ingredients. I was so overwhelmed by the options that I gave up. I left with no salsa. Second, a gentleman decided to shop late at the store where I work… He was the last person I checked out. I was ready to wrap up so I could stock the shelves, clean, and go to the grocery where I could be overwhelmed with salsa options. Dude wanted a card game that included craps. Well, we had two different card game suites– by the same company– with no obvious difference between the two. I checked Amazon.com, and they both had similar ratings. The guy stood there examining these boxes, paralyzed by the fear that he’d choose the wrong one. See, we can’t take back software that’s not defective for pirating reasons and such. It took Coolio 5-10 minutes, which felt like 20 minutes, to pick one of the games over the other. I wanted to scream. Too many choices with no obvious differences. Overload!
  • Without getting into a discussion of religion right now, I’ll say this: the holiday season to me is not about the birth of Christ. It’s about spending time with my family and giving them something back for all their love and support. So I hate the presumption that people make when they wish me a Merry Christmas. I know they mean well, but what if I were Jewish? Just tell me to take my Happy Holiday and Shove It, but please don’t tell me to have a Merry Christmas. I guess that’s a small pet peeve, not such a major annoyance. Still, it’s annoying to me.