Daily Archives: 2004-12-27

Altered States

I’ve thought of this before, but I suddenly found myself pondering altered states again this evening. While I am not in the mood to really expand too much (tired…), I wanted to get this down and out there so that I would come back to it…

Altered states interest me. While these are typically associated with drug use, the thing that interests me is the possibility of achieving an altered state without a chemical precursor… Anyone who’s had a panic attack knows that the mind can deceive the body, that the problems of the mind can manifest themselves physically. So I am interested in pondering this further. Our bodies and brains are essentially a mass of electrochemical reactions… if the introduction of a physical chemical can cause a given reaction, can’t one learn to harness one’s mind in such away as to reach altered states at will? This is of extreme interest to me. It seems so poignant to me that I had to post the thought immediately, however unclear or absurd it may sound.

I am too tired to keep on with this, but I will place the thought on my back burner for now. Interesting.