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So if you don’t know, I am a huge fan of Alias, as well as Jennifer Garner’s svelte figure, particularly her arms. Apparently, I have this odd fixation with women’s arms (this was recently pointed out to me), but I guess I just like toned arms. I’m working on getting my own admirable arms (and svelte figure), too, but that’s another story. Back to my point… Oh yeah, just as a note, I think Jennifer Garner is pretty cool as Sydney Bristow, but she’s not one of my all-around favorite actresses, which is related to the article I just read, so I didn’t completely lose my focus.

So, I read a pretty cool article about her with some funny tidbits. It kind of captures how I feel about her, except for the not digging Alias part. You can read the whole article here. Below are some of the quotable lines. The second one was so funny to me that it motivated this post.

  • My girlfriend, for one, thinks Jennifer looks like a man. “Shoulders like a linebacker, a jaw bone like a Tyrannosaurus,” she said the other day when she caught me staring at the poster of Elektra in the theatre lobby.
  • But as far as heroines go, Jennifer Garner is pretty cool. She’s not as ugly as Linda Hamilton, she’s tougher than Halle Berry, she’s not as insane as Angelina Jolie, and she’s not nearly as annoying as Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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