Bands I Have to See Live ASAP

There are two great bands that I love, but for different reasons have not yet seen live. They are Nine Inch Nails and Tool. NIN’s new album “With Teeth” is completed, so the promise of an upcoming tour has me giddy. Tool is in the process of creating their new album, so they should be touring soon as well.

You can bet I will do all I can to see these bands the next time they tour. I mean, I saw A Perfect Circle 3 times in the course of a year the last time they toured– twice in Atlanta, and once in Birmingham. What can I say? I love *good* live music.

The tours aren’t even scheduled yet, and Tool’s new album is not yet complete. However, I am excited right now at the prospect of seeing these amazing bands live. Just imagine what’s gonna happen when I get the tickets. Then, when I actually go to the shows, I may never be the same.

Rock on.