Ch.. Ch.. Ch… Changes

It’s a new year, and I am burnt out. So I am making changes in my life. I was sick the past couple of days, and the time off has given me a chance to reflect. I am run down from working ALL the time. Thus, I have asked Apple to cut back my hours to one weekend day a week. If they cannot keep me on working so little, then I will leave. I like the job, but it’s not worth the risk to my mental, physical, and emotional health. So I am prepared to give it up, but I hope I don’t have to completely.

My perspective has shifted for the better. I realized that my career is important, and I need rest so that I can perform my best at my career. I have other interests I want to pursue outside of working every minute of my life. I love working for Apple, but, to be honest, my time and my well-being is worth more than what I make there per hour. My initial motivation for getting a second job– the need for more moolah– has also been remedied by another source– my roomie. Having a roommate (and a super-cool one at that) has significantly reduced my expenses, so I don’t *need* to work every waking minute of my life.

Well, I need to get back to my real work. More to come on the changes in my life. Hope everyone is having a splendid new year!