Icicles and Sniffles

This weekend. What the hell was that? Atlanta on Wed.: Sunny and mild. Atlanta on Fri.: Sleet, freezing rain, temps below freezing. And where was I? Well, after work on Friday I went to Meehan’s Ale House to bid farewell to Dave, who left the company I work for to pursue cooler things. I’m gonna miss you, Dave (but rock the new job)!!! I stayed there for a few hours (and a few drinks, plus fish and chips, of course). Anyhow I went to hang out with my friend Heather, her hubby, and their ADORABLE dog Leo. What do you know? Ice storm 2005 decides to freeze Atlanta. I talked to my dad about driving to Alpharetta, because I had to work at Apple (my last day) on Sat. He advised me to not drive, then my mom called back and told me flat out that I wasn’t driving. Needless to say, I was not able to work my last day at Apple, which kinda sucked, but stuff happens. On the plus side, I got to hang out with Heather a lot, which ruled.

What did not rule was busting my ass on the ice Sunday morning. Heather and I took Leo for his AM walk, and I was taking it easy… when all of the sudden the sidewalk came up out from under my feet… and Heather tells me I caught air. Luckily, I ended up with a hurt (possibly sprained wrist) and some sore spots. Man, did that suck.

Okay, we’ve got INJURY. Let’s toss on the INSULT, for good measure. I had started feeling congested on Sat., and by Sunday morning I was coughing and my chest hurt. When I left Heather’s place late afternoon on Sunday, I started feeling like hell. Like serious hell. Like someone had taken a blunt object and hurled it repeatedly into my sinuses and chest. Like I may fall over just walking. HOWEVER, I somehow managed to make it to PetSmart for cat food. Target was closer than the grocery store, so I figured I could get cold meds, Icy Hot pads, an ace bandage, and some other things I needed there. I got a lot, but, nooooo, I wanted to pack my lunch for work. So I went to Publix where I stood in line at the deli, wanting to fall over from the weight of congestion in my head. But no, I got my damned lunch meat and other assorted goodies. And I went home.

I am certainly glad that I can laugh at myself because it gets better. Okay, so my left arm is gimp from my rendition of an idiot flying in the air and landing on ice. Fine. I have bandages and icy hot patches. And about a zillion other bags in my trunk. I hadn’t considered how I’d get them inside. Well. I got creative. I actually got a backpack to carry a 20 lb. bag of cat food. The rest, I just took one arm load at a time. Still, it just felt like things kept sucking.

Oh, and yes, they still suck. I am sick as hell. I missed work today because I feel like hell, and I am missing work tomorrow. Heather didn’t even recognize me when I answered my cell phone. Fortunately, I got a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow morning. Then perhaps I can stop taking all this tylenol and advil cold medication that doesn’t really help but just makes me feel spaced out so that I cannot rest… thus, I ramble on and on in my blog. Maybe.