Monthly Archives: March 2005

Tomatoes and Republicans

I don’t understand all the drama around the Terri Schiavo case, but I do hope that the backlash to Republicans is nice and ugly. I think Kenny from South Park (last night’s episode ruled) put it best when he says (and I don’t have the exact quote, but it’s along these lines): If I am ever in a state where I have to be kept on life support to stay alive, please don’t ever show me on national television. I mean, for real. Oh, and Cartman called him a Tomato. It was hilarious.

Anyhoo, back to my point. So, Terri Schiavo was a pretty cute chick until she became, as Cartman says, a Tomato. What I’ve noticed is this: up until now, all they’ve shown on’s headline articles about her are the recent pictures of her… you know them, the vacant stare with mouth agape. Now, today, after she’s finally been given peace, they finally start showing some pictures of who Terri really was. And I think that’s the heart of this issue. Look at the two faces of Terri. Which one really looks alive?

Sir. Stupid, our fine president, has already spoken out saying that millions are mourning the death of Mrs. Schiavo. Well, F the President, ’cause I’m not mourning. I am celebrating the release of her body from the confines of this realm. Her spirit has been gone for 15 years, and the wasted shell of who she was just rotted in that bed for too long. Best of wishes for serenity… for Terri, her loved ones, and the world. It’s a sticky issue we could debate forever. One thing though… is this really an issue that our government should be involved in? I think not.

I need to write a will ASAP. Just so everyone will know to pull the tubes and let me go. I don’t ever want to be a Tomato.

Come Hell or High Water

Due to the extreme generosity and kindness of my buddy and co-worker Eric, I am going to see Nine Inch Nails at the Tabernacle on 5/22!! I still don’t quite believe it, but it’s going to be such an amazing show. More to come on this as the reality sets in…

Many thanks to Eric!

NIN Tickets

Oh yeah, and life sucks because I didn’t get presale or regular sale NIN tickets for EITHER friggin’ night. And I won’t pay the ridiculous prices on Ebay or at Empire Tickets. Damn it all! I wanted to see Trent 🙁

International Women’s Day

The Magic of Google revealed another interesting holiday today… International Women’s Day. You can read more about it here.

Now if only this was a national holiday…

Return of the Artist

After some months of dormancy, my artistic drive is building up again. I have done a couple of new paintings within the past couple months. But I am expanding my horizons to drawing, something I’ve wanted to revisit for some time. So I got some nice colored pencils and quality paper, and I’ve started to experiment with the media. I also got the urge to finish a quote book I started some time ago, as well as craft some neat cards to snail mail to my friends. Lots of supplies have built up around me, so now I need to get to work creating…

A Noble Dream?

[14:54] smallwang : |\| 🙂 |/|
[14:54] lauren : lol
[14:55] smallwang : that was you, by the way.
[14:55] lauren : which was me?
[15:00] smallwang : the smiley
[15:00] lauren : me sandwiched b/w trent and maynard? 😉
[15:06] smallwang : yeah
[15:06] smallwang : you’d transcend pleasure
[15:07] lauren : god, i’d probably die
[15:07] smallwang : hehe
[15:07] lauren : just because i achieved nirvana
[15:07] lauren : transcendence
[15:07] lauren : *sigh*
[15:07] lauren : is that sick?
[15:07] lauren : my dream is to be sandwiched b/w maynard and trent?
[15:08] smallwang : that’s a noble dream

Nine Inch Nails

Ah, sweet bliss. Nine Inch Nails are coming to Atlanta in May for two shows at the Tabernacle. And you can bet your sweet ass I will be there for both of them.

You hear me, Trent? I’ll be waiting for you…