Daily Archives: 2005-03-01

Return of the Artist

After some months of dormancy, my artistic drive is building up again. I have done a couple of new paintings within the past couple months. But I am expanding my horizons to drawing, something I’ve wanted to revisit for some time. So I got some nice colored pencils and quality paper, and I’ve started to experiment with the media. I also got the urge to finish a quote book I started some time ago, as well as craft some neat cards to snail mail to my friends. Lots of supplies have built up around me, so now I need to get to work creating…

A Noble Dream?

[14:54] smallwang : |\| 🙂 |/|
[14:54] lauren : lol
[14:55] smallwang : that was you, by the way.
[14:55] lauren : which was me?
[15:00] smallwang : the smiley
[15:00] lauren : me sandwiched b/w trent and maynard? 😉
[15:06] smallwang : yeah
[15:06] smallwang : you’d transcend pleasure
[15:07] lauren : god, i’d probably die
[15:07] smallwang : hehe
[15:07] lauren : just because i achieved nirvana
[15:07] lauren : transcendence
[15:07] lauren : *sigh*
[15:07] lauren : is that sick?
[15:07] lauren : my dream is to be sandwiched b/w maynard and trent?
[15:08] smallwang : that’s a noble dream

Nine Inch Nails

Ah, sweet bliss. Nine Inch Nails are coming to Atlanta in May for two shows at the Tabernacle. And you can bet your sweet ass I will be there for both of them.

You hear me, Trent? I’ll be waiting for you…