…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

I saw (…And You Will Know Us by the) Trail of Dead Friday night at the Variety Playhouse. They were really bad-ass. I mean, not only did they have two drummers (what initially blew my mind), but the lead singer seamlessly interchanged places with one of the drummers… both played guitar, sang lead vocals, and played drums. I am biased, however, towards one of the dudes, but I don’t know his name right now. I mean, they were both good, but my man was THE music… he put everything into it. It was mesmerizing. Great live band. I bought some of their tunes today, as a matter of fact…

Also, they had two great openers… my favorite of which was the second, The Octopus Project, what I can only describe as an electro-beat live instrument fusion-hipster band. Or something like that…. something good, whatever the words may be to accurately describe them. I got both of their albums, and I am actually listening to them right now. They were quite different than anything I’ve ever seen live, and I was very impressed with their energy, style, groove, and stage presence.

If I recall correctly, all three acts are Austin bands. From what I’ve heard and now the sampling I’ve seen, I’d like to travel to Austin at some point. It’s the only place in Texas I can ever imagine willingly visiting. I need to make a list of destinations I wish to see… and when in my life I want to see these places. I need to stop saying “how?” and just start figuring out how to make life happen. No one else is going to do that for me.