Badass April Fool’s Joke OR Cruel Reality??

So, apparently either Maynard has pulled off a fantastic April Fool’s day joke, or part of my world is gonna come crashing down. On the 3/31 update at Tool’s website, the news is that Maynard has found Jesus. Here’s a snippet:

“Maynard has found Jesus.” This will come as a complete shock to most (but not all) of you, as it did to me. In fact, it just seemed like another MJK prank until I talked to the one person who I believe would know if all this was legit or not. After nearly an hour on the phone with this person, the answer I received was that Maynard has indeed “found Jesus” and that, for this reason, he’s abandoned the project for the time being, if not entirely.

There’s also an article at Maynard is quoted as saying:

“I did, in fact, find Jesus. More news to follow. God bless ya.”

Most of me wants to believe that Maynard is fucking with us, and I hope to be laughing at myself very soon for even thinking that it could be true. Still…