Laurenism? Truthism? Realism? Damnit, that’s actually a word…

Well, I woke up because I drank too much water before falling asleep, if you know what I mean… and now it’s 5:00 AM and I’m not back asleep, damnit. Oh well. What else can I do but post to my blog? It’s what all the cool kids are doing. Um, yeah.

Many things are on my mind, not the least of which is Laurenpalooza, the clever name I gave for bar-hopping this Saturday night in celebration of my birth. I am very stoked!! I need to remember to buy a few disposable cameras to distribute. Let’s hope that I get some pictures that I can post up here. Of course, there are sure to be plenty of pictures that will not make it past the gmail inboxes of the parties involved, but I hope that I can get a few good snaps before we all get too many shooters in us.

I have some other issues on my mind, one of which I am still developing in my (offline) journal. Once I can get my thoughts together on that matter, I hope to post more about it. I know, I’m being vague, but I am in the beginning stages of figuring out what my philosophy on life is… like, a formal presentation about how I feel about fundamental issues in life… it makes more sense if you understand that I am seeking my own truth… a venture that was inspired by Ayn Rand’s objectivism, although I do not particularly share all of her beliefs. Essentially, I am trying to outline what will become “Lauren Rich’s yet-to-be-named-philosophy-something-ism.” Clearly, this is not a matter to be undertaken lightly, nor should an infant theory be harvested before it is able to bear rich fruit. But it’s something that I have in the works.

Certainly, some recent circumstances will find their way into my “-ism” by way of how I prefer to approach things. One of these approaches has to do with understanding the cost-benefit analysis of a given course of action and using such analyses to decide upon the best path to take. So what the hell do I mean? Essentially, I like to approach any situation with a logical analysis of the expected cost and resulting gain/loss for different outcomes. This is particularly applicable to the more emotionally challenging situations that inevitably arise in life. I like logic, and it will certainly factor into my “-ism” considerably. It’s a rational, methodical way to approach even the most chaotic situations– during those times when it’s difficult to discern what’s right, logic provides a quantifiable way to make sense of the myriad of options.

My affinity for logic causes me to clash with people at times, primarily those who prefer to cling to their illogical conception of the truth because it’s the only way that they can rationalize the decisions they make. The Cyphers of the world prefer the ease of swallowing the blue pill because one cannot wash down that big red pill of truth without experiencing some pain, discomfort, and disappointment… and the inevitable letdown with those who’ve deceived them along the way. Most of the issues I run into with other people involve this differing preference. Someone can’t see the forest for all the goddamned trees, yet they are content to argue against the existence of the forest by virtue of their ostrich syndrome. “I can’t see it, so it must not exist.” Hmm, just because I can’t see China right now doesn’t nullify its existence, right? Well, one would think. The thing that’s particularly biting is that generally speaking, these people have been deceiving themselves for so long that they actually believe their truth to be gospel, despite all logical evidence to the contrary. How can one rationalize with someone whose basic premises are founded on lies? I can’t, and I won’t.

On that note, I am going to try and catch a couple more hours of sleep before my tired mind reveals too much.

One thought on “Laurenism? Truthism? Realism? Damnit, that’s actually a word…

  1. Never confuse logic and truth. Just like most confuse belief and faith. Many a tyrant throughout human history has used logic and truth to murder and enslave their way to power.

    People choose to take the blue pill because they are afraid that their logic does not always equal what the truth really is. Remember, “ignorance is bliss”.

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