Why do people want to marry me off already?

So, I went home this past weekend to spend time with my parents and celebrate my shared birthday with my mother… it’s actually on Thursday, but I have plans with friends this weekend, so we celebrated together on Saturday. In telling people that we were celebrating our birthday, people asked how old I was turning. On more than one occasion, when I told people I was 25, they later asked if I was married. In fact, in just talking to people, I was asked if I was married more than once. When I responded no and added that I didn’t have a boyfriend either, people seemed shocked. They even asked “why?” How is one supposed to respond to that? “I’m an unwanted freak, that’s why!” I dunno. I just want to know why everyone except for me is in an apparent rush to pair me off with someone. Does that make it easier to understand me? Because why on earth would anyone want to be single, right?

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