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The next step in my evolution…

I wonder why I was surprised…

So, guess what? Here I was, not wanting to date anyone at all… happy being my single self and trying to figure out who I am, what I want, and where I want to go in life. Lo and behold, I meet a fetching British man. We exchange emails and go out to lunch, where we have great conversation. He even asks me out again– this time to go see Star Wars. He walks me to my car, gives me a kiss and a hug. I am smitten– what girl wouldn’t be?

Of course, it was all a bit too much. I emailed him this morning to ask about the movie, and I get a lovely email response this afternoon that includes this oh-so-important piece of information:

I have a problem, I have a wife and two kids back in the UK and regardless of the relationship I don’t think its fair to drag you into the situation (you don’t need the hassle) you’re young free and single and the last thing you want is to get involved with a married man. I know I should have mentioned this before… I’m kind of surprised it never came up but before this goes any further you need to know.
I’m sorry to be the one to spoil your day but you need to know sooner rather than later… Once again sorry.

So there ya go. Guys are shit. Here’s my response to his email:

Wow. Well, I guess better late than never, but I don’t really understand why you pursued me in the first place. You are married. You have kids. That is just wrong on so many levels– to me, to your wife, and to your kids. How insensitive. You’re surprised it never came up? That’s bullshit. It never came up because YOU never brought it up. It’s one thing to not tell me in the first place, but then to go and say something like that makes it even worse. I mean, you decided to come clean with me, but then you can’t even take responsibility for not telling me in the first place. That’s manipulative and deceitful, and I don’t want any part of it.

Latest Strongbad Email

As usual, Strongbad is funny as hell. The latest email, Do Over is just awesome. I cracked up practically the whole time. Check it out.

Nine Inch Nails Live

So the show last night was nothing short of amazing. They played a great mix of tunes, old and new. Trent looked badass– the man has some serious guns, sexy black hair, and an awe-inspiring vocal and musical talent. I was jamming, dancing, and screaming the whole time. By the time I left, I was dripping sweat, which I take to be evidence of a good time. What an awesome show! Nine Inch Nails is like home to me, and to experience that live was exhilirating. Whew.

I can’t wait to see them again.

Dr. Gonzo lives on!

Johnny Depp is set to reprise his acclaimed role as journalist Hunter S. Thompson in the sequel to his 1998 hit Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. The follow-up, called The Rum Diary, is based on Thompson’s very first novel, which journals his career and personal escapades in 1950s Puerto Rico. Depp is also acting as executive producer for the film. Thompson shot himself to death at his secure compound in Woody Creek, Colorado, on February 20.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman shaved her head for a new film role. I think she looks fabulous.

Happy Friday the 13th!!

I think it’s good luck. I’ve been having a wonderful day so far. I woke up early, went to Kroger and got some breakfast, got gas and a car wash, then came into work… and I was at my desk by 8:30 AM. I’m feeling optimistic today. Here’s hoping this day continues to be as good as it’s started. I hope I’m not jinxing myself here… nah, how can the 13th be bad? It’s a prime number!


I’ve kept journals for the past several years, and I’ve always kept mementos from special events. When I go through the journal entries or poems or mementos, I remember things from my past… They are anchors to my thoughts. I don’t want to make the fallacious analogy of my brain as a computer and that I can access “memory,” but I have the background in Cognitive Science… and Computer Science, of course, so I tend to think of my brain as having a hard drive that stores memories using an algorithm so sophisticated that I cannot conceive of it… So that’s not exactly an invalid analogy.

I mean, as a society, we think we are so ahead… so technologically savvy… like we have it all figured out. But when it comes down to it, we’ve still not unlocked the entire mystery of the human brain. We cannot say that we don’t retain all of our memories because, as far as I know, we still don’t understand precisely how our memories are stored. We understand neurons, of course. But then, all of those working together seems to equal some sum for which we can not derive an equation. In layman’s terms, we’d love to see the forest, but we’re too caught up with all of these goddamned trees.

With Teeth… in surround sound

As I previously mentioned, I pre-ordered Nine Inch Nails’ latest album, With Teeth. I am absolutely loving it. Well, I got a dual disc as part of the pre-order package… I also got a t-shirt and an LP. I haven’t perused the whole DVD yet, but I am currently enjoying one of its awesome features… the entire album in surround sound. Lucky me! I have surround sound in my living room! Thank you, Trent. This album is badass, and in surround sound, it’s just insane.

Now, if I only had a G4 or G5 processor, I could enjoy the Garage Band file that Trent is sharing. If you’re not familiar with it, check it out here (Go to the 4/15 entry). Sorry, Windoze peeps, Garage Band is a Mac app… and a sweet one at that! I’m sure there’s some way to open the file on Windoze, but that’s really not an issue for me. I may try to open the file on my iBook, but I fear that my G3 may not be able to handle it. Seriously–I need to start saving up for a new computer. I’ve got my eyes on a shiny 15″ Powerbook!! Now if I could only stop buying new jeans. Hmm. If you know me well enough, that makes sense. If not, let’s just say my favorite jeans are rather pricey. Wow. From NIN to Apple to Jeans. Three of my favorite things in one stream of consciousness…

Yes, my thoughts are scattered. Yes, I blame the cold meds. Yes, I realize that I previously stated that I don’t need to ramble on to the world, but oh well. And, lastly, Yes, I just had to share this… the joy of NIN in surround sound… it’s like I’m enveloped in Trent.

Sick, again

Okay, so I am sick again. I’m starting to think I have allergies, mostly because this time I don’t feel bad or have a fever. However, I am congested, my nose is running, and I am coughing a lot. I am currently very medicated on OTC remedies, and I am watching The 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock on VH1. It’s pretty sweet. I love Vh1. It’s great background noise because it usually is playing some kind of countdown or list of something… like, I Love the [insert decade name here] shows. Those rule. Please excuse my scattered thoughts here, as I have taken these OTC cold meds. So I’m a little spacey this evening. Ah, always good to document an altered state. Here’s one for the books. I’ll go babble to my offline journal… No need to go on and on here.