Okay, so I guess I don’t really advertise it, but I am an avid recreational bird watcher. I find them fascinating, and I can identify most local (Southeast U.S.) birds by sight and/or song. I have several bird feeders on my porch and a bird house that was made for me. I am currently experiencing something so cool that it’s unreal. I am on my back porch with my laptop, typing, as the little baby Chickadees living in my bird house go “CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP” for food. It’s adorable. So, yes, some Chickadees (Carolina) have made a nest in my bird house on my porch. It’s awesome to come home, sit on the porch, and just watch the proud parents bring worms and grubs and other assorted goodies to their young.

What’s cooler is that I can be online outside. Laptop + wireless net access + cool porch on a pond + beer + Chickadees = STOKED LAUREN!! Why do I have to work???? Birds are the one thing that makes me not want to move in-town. I guess that there are birds in Atlanta, but it’s nothing like in the suburbs. Oh well. I’ve gotta go research my babies so I know when to expect them to leave the nest! It’s so small that we ignore things like this everyday. But if you stop, step back, and just watch… the world seems to astound. Maybe I’m just a sucker for little cheeping Chickadees. But man, they sound so cute!