Family Guy is BACK!

I was overjoyed last night when a new episode of Family Guy, a show that had been cancelled and I’d first seen on DVD, came on TV! It was awesome, just freaking amazing. I mean, yeah, I had known for awhile that it was gonna happen, but still. The reality was so much cooler than the prospect. What’s even better is that Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and voice of Peter/Stewie/Brian/etc, has a new show that comes on right afterwards called American Dad, which was pretty great too.

How cool is that? To be cancelled and then to do SO well in DVD sales, that the network guys say “Hey, we were wrong. Come back to us.” Then, the show’s creators are in the driving seat, which is probably why American Dad comes on right after Family Guy. Well, way to go, Seth MacFarlane and Company!! Keep bringing on the entertainment, especially shows featuring Stewie storylines. I love Stewie!!