Flicks that I dig

Generally speaking, most people like movies that make them happy. I do like happy movies, and a good, happy movie will typically maKe it onto my radar. This afternoon, as I was lounging on my couch post 5-K race, I happened to stumble upon House of Sand and Fog. This is not one of the aforementioned happy movies. But it’s a new favorite for me. Why? Because it pissed me off when it ended. I was so emotionally involved with the movie that I was angry with the plot twists that were chosen and angry at the filmmakers for leaving so many unanswered questions. Here I mean angry in a great way… the movie had me emotionally involved. I guess that’s what makes a great movie, at least to me. I like it when movies piss me off… in a good way… by challenging me to accept outcomes that I did not foresee or wish to happen.

Here’s to good flicks… they piss me off!