I’ve kept journals for the past several years, and I’ve always kept mementos from special events. When I go through the journal entries or poems or mementos, I remember things from my past… They are anchors to my thoughts. I don’t want to make the fallacious analogy of my brain as a computer and that I can access “memory,” but I have the background in Cognitive Science… and Computer Science, of course, so I tend to think of my brain as having a hard drive that stores memories using an algorithm so sophisticated that I cannot conceive of it… So that’s not exactly an invalid analogy.

I mean, as a society, we think we are so ahead… so technologically savvy… like we have it all figured out. But when it comes down to it, we’ve still not unlocked the entire mystery of the human brain. We cannot say that we don’t retain all of our memories because, as far as I know, we still don’t understand precisely how our memories are stored. We understand neurons, of course. But then, all of those working together seems to equal some sum for which we can not derive an equation. In layman’s terms, we’d love to see the forest, but we’re too caught up with all of these goddamned trees.