Sick, again

Okay, so I am sick again. I’m starting to think I have allergies, mostly because this time I don’t feel bad or have a fever. However, I am congested, my nose is running, and I am coughing a lot. I am currently very medicated on OTC remedies, and I am watching The 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock on VH1. It’s pretty sweet. I love Vh1. It’s great background noise because it usually is playing some kind of countdown or list of something… like, I Love the [insert decade name here] shows. Those rule. Please excuse my scattered thoughts here, as I have taken these OTC cold meds. So I’m a little spacey this evening. Ah, always good to document an altered state. Here’s one for the books. I’ll go babble to my offline journal… No need to go on and on here.