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Drugging Cats with Catnip is Fun!

Watch my cats go crazy for catnip here, featuring my color commentary :).

my paintings & other *new* pics

i am somewhat of a contradiction, in more ways that one, but the aspect that i am discussing now is the duality of my artistic and technical sides. while i make money as a software developer, the artist in me finds its outlet via writing (journaling, poetry, non-fiction), drawing, crafts, scrap-booking, and, as i am now sharing, painting.

disclaimer: i enjoy painting as a hobby. i have learned on my own via experimenting. i do not fancy myself a van gogh, picasso, or dali by any means. i like my art, and others seem to like it as well, so i decided to share it for those who cannot or have not visited my apartment to see it in person.

without further ado, please feel free to check out my paintings (on my .mac space… side-note: .mac rules! seriously. it’s badass…).

also, you can see some of the pictures from my recent girls’ weekend in gatlinburg with my mom, aunts, and cousins (i still need to get the rest from them) here and here. i still need to post all the wild details, but i haven’t had time. highlights include: dancing on the tables at hard rock, riding the sky lift, shopping, great food, amazing bonding, partying in the hot tub, and stopping a a/c leak on the trolley with a tampon.

pictures of my children (animals, people!) jack, viggo, and sandra dee are here. Enjoy!!!

Dead Navi, Disfunctional Camera, Puppy on the Mend, Good Company News

So, my Navi (my pet name for my iBook… see Serial Experiments: Lain for the reference) is dead… a victim of logic board failure that has plagued her peers. Fortunately, it’s covered outside of warranty, but I also have Apple Care, so it would’ve been okay anyhow. She’s out for repairs now, so I should have her back within the week, I hope. I’m very dependent on my Navi for entertainment and communication.

In other news, my new HP digital camera is defective. The card reader doesn’t work, so I had to trade it in for a refurbished one. It’s been delivered to my office this morning, so I should have it by lunchtime. I hope this one works! It was pretty painless to exchange it, although I was a bit annoyed at the fact that I had to trade in my brand-new camera for a refurbed one. However, I figure that the refurbed one was a new broken one that HP fixed, so it should be similar. Hell, I just hope it works and isn’t too jacked-up-looking.

Sandy was feeling better up until Thursday, but then she stopped eating her food. By midnight on Saturday, I was getting very worried, so we ended up at the emergency animal hospital around 3 AM, who managed to freak me out even more. I got her into my regular vet the next morning, and she gave her a stronger antibiotic. She’s been eating and resting, so it looks like Little Miss Sandra Dee is on her way to wellness, thank goodness!

Lastly, here’s some good news. The company I work for (I’m a Software Developer), Radiant Systems, made Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Top 100 Public Companies Ranked my 2004 Performance. Cool deal, huh? 🙂

The Five Stages of Intel Macs

Check out this cartoon. It’s funny as hell. I’m not so disturbed about the news of Intel chips in a Mac. I think it could be good. More to come on this as the news unravels.

Horoscope for today is right on the money

Lauren S. World,
A maternal feeling may be sweeping over you today, even if you don’t have children and have no inclination in that direction. No matter; enjoy the feeling anyway. Nurturing someone you care for can be healing, if you just make the effort to do it. But don’t take care of another just to feel good about yourself, for it doesn’t work that way. This is about unconditional love.

Another Pic of Sandy

Sandra Dee, aka "Sandy"

Well, I went and did it… I got myself a dog. Here’s the first couple pictures of little miss Sandra Dee, aka “Sandy.” I love her so much already!

You can check out all my children at my .mac page. I’m sure there will be tons more pics to come!

Swearing off Dating…

So, I came to a conclusion last night, and I may eventually change my mind about this, as it’s a woman’s prerogative to do so, but for the time being I am officially swearing off dating. Life has broken me down. I had previously decided against dating, but then I had my debacle with the British man, plus some other semi-drama, that has led me to believe that dating just sucks and that I don’t want any part of it. See, I tend to get myself in these types of situations:

  • He’s attracted to me, but I am not attracted to him.
  • We’re both attracted to one another but he is unavailable– either he’s married, doesn’t want a relationship, or has relationship issues.
  • We’re both attracted to one another, but he goes off the deep end and becomes obsessed with me, thus driving me away.

These seem to be the general situations that I get myself into, so I’m throwing in the towel. No, I don’t want to venture to the other side because women are more trouble then men. So, until further notice, I am officially swearing off dating. I am now in semi-Samantha Jones mode, although I don’t want to be quite as sexually active as her. There’s a great freedom in this declaration. Here’s to fun and leaving drama behind.

Trent is Sexier than Ever!


Nine Inch Nails will not be performing at the MTV Movie Awards as previously announced. We were set to perform “The Hand That Feeds” with an unmolested, straightforward image of George W. Bush as the backdrop. Apparently the image of our President is as offensive to MTV as it is to me. See you on tour this fall when we return to play in America.

Trent: Take. Me. Now.