Daily Archives: 2005-06-03

Swearing off Dating…

So, I came to a conclusion last night, and I may eventually change my mind about this, as it’s a woman’s prerogative to do so, but for the time being I am officially swearing off dating. Life has broken me down. I had previously decided against dating, but then I had my debacle with the British man, plus some other semi-drama, that has led me to believe that dating just sucks and that I don’t want any part of it. See, I tend to get myself in these types of situations:

  • He’s attracted to me, but I am not attracted to him.
  • We’re both attracted to one another but he is unavailable– either he’s married, doesn’t want a relationship, or has relationship issues.
  • We’re both attracted to one another, but he goes off the deep end and becomes obsessed with me, thus driving me away.

These seem to be the general situations that I get myself into, so I’m throwing in the towel. No, I don’t want to venture to the other side because women are more trouble then men. So, until further notice, I am officially swearing off dating. I am now in semi-Samantha Jones mode, although I don’t want to be quite as sexually active as her. There’s a great freedom in this declaration. Here’s to fun and leaving drama behind.