Dead Navi, Disfunctional Camera, Puppy on the Mend, Good Company News

So, my Navi (my pet name for my iBook… see Serial Experiments: Lain for the reference) is dead… a victim of logic board failure that has plagued her peers. Fortunately, it’s covered outside of warranty, but I also have Apple Care, so it would’ve been okay anyhow. She’s out for repairs now, so I should have her back within the week, I hope. I’m very dependent on my Navi for entertainment and communication.

In other news, my new HP digital camera is defective. The card reader doesn’t work, so I had to trade it in for a refurbished one. It’s been delivered to my office this morning, so I should have it by lunchtime. I hope this one works! It was pretty painless to exchange it, although I was a bit annoyed at the fact that I had to trade in my brand-new camera for a refurbed one. However, I figure that the refurbed one was a new broken one that HP fixed, so it should be similar. Hell, I just hope it works and isn’t too jacked-up-looking.

Sandy was feeling better up until Thursday, but then she stopped eating her food. By midnight on Saturday, I was getting very worried, so we ended up at the emergency animal hospital around 3 AM, who managed to freak me out even more. I got her into my regular vet the next morning, and she gave her a stronger antibiotic. She’s been eating and resting, so it looks like Little Miss Sandra Dee is on her way to wellness, thank goodness!

Lastly, here’s some good news. The company I work for (I’m a Software Developer), Radiant Systems, made Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Top 100 Public Companies Ranked my 2004 Performance. Cool deal, huh? 🙂