Drugging Cats with Catnip is Fun!

Watch my cats go crazy for catnip here, featuring my color commentary :).

9 thoughts on “Drugging Cats with Catnip is Fun!

  1. hi this is tina olien chris’s sister googled chris and found this thought i would say hi and hope all is well with you. i know this is off topic sorry lauren HI

  2. you are very welcome 😉

    Now if only I had 200 bucks for the high-octane bottle.


  3. Hey! PLEASE READ……………. I ran across an ex friend’s little black book which had tons of females tele#’s, yahoo addresses and BP page names. Blackjeepdriver (Kenneth Allen Brooks) from Louisville Kentucky is a lier, he sleeps around (state to state), broke, trys to use females for money, a place to live and mental support. FYI!!!Don’t believe anything he tells you FYI!!! He’s a waste of time

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  4. Hey Chris!! Interesting re. tater tots. Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? It’s one of my favorite new movies.

    The only way I know to get Absinthe is to go to Europe, purchase a bottle, and hope you get through customs with it 🙂 I’m pretty sure that you can order it online, but you will definitely overpay for it. We have an office in Prague, so one of my coworkers brought back a bottle for my other coworker… who was kind enough to share with me! Thanks, Rob!!

  5. chris olien here aka tater tots. now about the absenth, how do I aquire a bottle?

  6. I dunno if it’s good or not… I’m Kip. LOL

    Who is this, btw? Anonymous != someone I know??

  7. Ok I took the test………..and I am TATER TOTS(Napoleon Dynamite), is that good??

  8. lauren T told me you said hi sooo…HI how are you? long time no see. Ill be amazed if this shit posts.

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