my paintings & other *new* pics

i am somewhat of a contradiction, in more ways that one, but the aspect that i am discussing now is the duality of my artistic and technical sides. while i make money as a software developer, the artist in me finds its outlet via writing (journaling, poetry, non-fiction), drawing, crafts, scrap-booking, and, as i am now sharing, painting.

disclaimer: i enjoy painting as a hobby. i have learned on my own via experimenting. i do not fancy myself a van gogh, picasso, or dali by any means. i like my art, and others seem to like it as well, so i decided to share it for those who cannot or have not visited my apartment to see it in person.

without further ado, please feel free to check out my paintings (on my .mac space… side-note: .mac rules! seriously. it’s badass…).

also, you can see some of the pictures from my recent girls’ weekend in gatlinburg with my mom, aunts, and cousins (i still need to get the rest from them) here and here. i still need to post all the wild details, but i haven’t had time. highlights include: dancing on the tables at hard rock, riding the sky lift, shopping, great food, amazing bonding, partying in the hot tub, and stopping a a/c leak on the trolley with a tampon.

pictures of my children (animals, people!) jack, viggo, and sandra dee are here. Enjoy!!!

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