Swearing off Dating…

So, I came to a conclusion last night, and I may eventually change my mind about this, as it’s a woman’s prerogative to do so, but for the time being I am officially swearing off dating. Life has broken me down. I had previously decided against dating, but then I had my debacle with the British man, plus some other semi-drama, that has led me to believe that dating just sucks and that I don’t want any part of it. See, I tend to get myself in these types of situations:

  • He’s attracted to me, but I am not attracted to him.
  • We’re both attracted to one another but he is unavailable– either he’s married, doesn’t want a relationship, or has relationship issues.
  • We’re both attracted to one another, but he goes off the deep end and becomes obsessed with me, thus driving me away.

These seem to be the general situations that I get myself into, so I’m throwing in the towel. No, I don’t want to venture to the other side because women are more trouble then men. So, until further notice, I am officially swearing off dating. I am now in semi-Samantha Jones mode, although I don’t want to be quite as sexually active as her. There’s a great freedom in this declaration. Here’s to fun and leaving drama behind.

4 thoughts on “Swearing off Dating…

  1. Well, in response to Danny’s comment, I’d have to say that you can’t really make those generalized statements and try to apply them to this specialized case, which is me. That being said, I am a bit taken aback by you describing my relationship woes as mere “retarded-ness.” If you’d like to participate in an intelligent discourse about this matter, I’m all ears. Otherwise, this just rolls off me like water off a duck’s back. Peace.

  2. I think girls are just too picky… I can see if you weren’t attracted to him great, I can even see if you didnt want to date cause the guy has relationship issues or is taken…. but too many times ive heard girls getting pissy cause a guy is “obssesed” with her when in reality he’s not he just actually LIKES YOU…. GO FIGURE. Then you get mad at him for it. Bottom line is… girls don’t know what they want so they blame others for their retardedness. Just my 2-cents 😉


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  3. I hear ya, girl! I get in those situations as well. So, I’ve been staying single..on purpose..for over a year now. Rock on, and good luck! muahz!

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