Daily Archives: 2005-07-15

Recent Offline Musings – "Lauren’s Philosophical World", part deux

[begin disclaimer] I’m posting some recent offline journal entries as-is… I tend to write to myself in my offline journal, so I wanted to preface this entry with that information before I just put up some random post. [/end disclaimer]

Life is not hard nor is it easy. Life is exactly what you make of it. There are barriers now that are holding you back. Simplify. SIMPLIFY. How can I stress this enough? Your truth, your peace, your reality lies in letting go of this connection you desperately cling to. You accept certain truths, yet you build up walls against yourself to keep you from breaking free. These bondages cannot persist because they aren’t persistent– they’re trivial. You seem to do the opposite of what you know to be true. Who is the greatest enemy? Look within? The battles you fight are but with yourself. Let go of all these preconceived notions, things you were TAUGHT to believe. The only reason you believe them is because there is an infrastructure supporting those beliefs. I am not happy. I do not like those beliefs. So I am going to set a course to establish new beliefs and goals for myself. Then, I can build all the supporting walls, etc. for my new way of life. It is that easy… and that hard.

Shatter the glass. It wasn’t meant to be molded together into a mirror anyway. Take the pieces back. Scorch them. Color them. Change them. Make something different with them. Challenge the preconceived notions of “what is” and “what should be.” There is where you will find your peace, your solace, your life. Stop fighting yourself so much. Just be. This will take time and effort, but it can be achieved. Simplify, simplify.

So what does simplicity mean to me? This notion of simplicity seems to be another vague philosophical attempt at trying to figure out what’s up with me. I do not intend it to be this way, but it is the best way to understand what I seek.


The reason we think that life is so hard is because that’s what we’ve been taught to think. Our every action reinforces the idea that life is hard. We end up being our own worst enemies because we support these skewed notions of what is… we unknowingly cause life to be harder because that’s what we expect. Now the thing is, we can only really change our perspective. We then have to reinforce our own way of thinking so we can learn to deal and thrive in the world as it is– where everyone else is making things so hard for themselves. The only way to make sense of the senseless is to acknowledge the absurdity of it all and then try to maintain a clear frame of mind amidst all the chaos. Again, all of this sounds simple in theory, but it’s much more difficult in practice. That’s why one has to continually work to (1) unlearn their previous way of approaching the world, and (2) learn the new way of looking at things and dealing with all that life presents us with.