Sometimes I feel like talking to myself, not typing to myself

Well, I wanted to make a quick post to explain why I haven’t posted as regularly lately… part of it is because I have been busy as hell… I believe the best expression to describe how I’ve felt is “chasing one’s own ass.” Anyhow. Work is good, but busy. I’ve got a puppy to take care of, which takes up a lot of my time. And I’ve been having some adventures… well, there was an interesting night with Absinthe that I’ll need to comment on at some point. Other than that, the reason I haven’t posted is because I’ve been caught up with my own thoughts… trapped in my own head. Yeah, there’s some *stuff* going on with me. And I don’t really like to expose all of that to the world, so we’ll just leave it at that.

I’ll make it through my “stuff,” and I’ll offer some tidbits once I figure it all out. Peace.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel like talking to myself, not typing to myself

  1. I was recently conversing with someone about Absinthe … I don’t quite remember who it was, but it inspired me, so I took a picture of an Absinthe bottle I had lying around and posted it on flickr. Unfortunately it was the American brand! I got a few comments, but that’s about all. Alright, I’m boring myself now… sorry for the deleted post, I accidentally misspelled something and it was bugging me…

  2. Damn, now I really appear to be talking to MYSELF! This is fun.

    TROGDOR!! Burninating the villagers…

  3. WOW! Someone can copy what I put in my blogger profile and pretend to post as me. Good times.

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