Daily Archives: 2005-08-03

Ah, The World of Dreams

I had the coolest Tool-themed dream last night. The band came over to my parents’ house for dinner… I think they knew my dad, which is probably related to the fact that he repairs guitars and other instruments. Anyhow, we were all eating and such, and then Maynard, Danny, and I went to go chill out in my *old* bedroom. We chilled and talked and stuff, then we all went to go hang out somewhere. That’s the one thing about dreams, at least for me, I seem to end up somewhere… and I can’t remember the next day how I got there. However, it made sense in the dream. Needless to say, I ended up having the most delicious nuzzling and kissing experience with none other than Maynard. Yes, I am a crazy, crazy girl. Whew. It was damn fun, though. Dream Maynard is pretty fantastic in my mind… and I have a good grip on the fact that this is all he is– a construction of my mind… but, wow… isn’t the mind a wonderful thing??

Hopefully this will start a series of dreams… that wouldn’t be *so* bad, now would it.