Daily Archives: 2005-08-17

layer 0007 : horoscope accuracy test : day 2

so, yesterday’s scopes were for shit, as i noted in the comments section. let’s see if today’s fare any better. updates later this evening.

  • You are tempted to set aside what you know in favor of what you desire — and this may not be a bad strategy. Just keep in mind that you will still need to contend with reality sooner than later. In the meantime, however, accept the apparently positive energies that seem to be coming your way. (tarot.com)
  • If you have been aiming for a specific career goal, LAUREN, it might suddenly manifest with the current planetary energy. You could find yourself catapulted into the public eye in some way. The possibility of an increase in income could come up, though it might be speculative at this point. Your mental energies continue to be high, and so you might be able to grasp all the ins and outs of your situation without much trouble. (astrocenter.com)