a wind comes from the west, a pale lantern stirs in the dim mist of my subconscious

many thoughts are scattering through my brain. random thoughts, well, not so much random but more like little bits of thought– tiny sparks of inspiration that flicker as my eyes gaze across the landscapes of each moment.

one thought that’s of great interest to me is determining some pseudonyms to use for certain characters in my life… well, primarily for those in my past. i have so many interesting tales to tell, but i think the threat of overexposure has held me back. so what if, instead of cloaking my emotions in mysterious verse, what if i offer alternative names… then i can describe certain experiences that i need to reflect upon… and some that i need some additional perspective on…

so that’s something. oh yeah, and then i also thought about just making up some random experiences from time to time. so then, no one will *really* know which trickles of experience are real… and which live only in the depths of my imagination. or are they all just flights of fancy? if so, then why can’t i seem to actively create?

yes, we are onto something. yes, this is another layer. lauren, layer 0009. take one.