how does one measure a good weekend?

well, aside from the not-getting-laid, my weekend was pretty badass, as far as weekends go.

on friday, i got a tattoo– a hunter s. thompson tribute, the gonzo logo on my upper right arm. i’ll be posting some pics shortly.

on saturday, i went to BT. first of all, i LOVE the tabernacle, as usual. of course, the last time i was there i saw trent, so this was somewhat less exciting in that respect. however, i did manage to get my ass up on stage for most of BT’s set. i got to shake my groove thang in front of the crowd. nice, eh? i was soaked to the bone after the show– my t-shirt was soaked with sweat. yummy! maybe that’s *why* i get ALL the boys. oh well.

well, i should get my ass in the shower, for it *is* monday, and i *do* have a 9:30 AM meeting that *i* scheduled.