Busy, Happy Bee

Well, as you can tell by the lack of updates, I’ve been very busy lately. I started my new job 2 weeks ago, and I am very happy with it. I’ve been working hard, so I’ve been really tired at night. I had a very profound revelation last week, and I’ve found my faith again. I also had a chance encounter with someone from my past… I feel so very blessed to have run into him again. I only hope that I don’t mess things up this time. He’s the real deal.

Well, I have lots to do to prepare for this week. I just wanted to update my readers– let you know that I am doing very well, and I feel like things are finally turning around for me… I’m finally finding my way after being lost for quite some time. Best wishes, and I hope to have time this week to explain a bit more about all the good things happening in my life.