Daily Archives: 2005-10-11


Perception is an interesting thing. Another person’s perception of you is especially interesting, especially when you learn it after the fact… and years later. It’s interesting because I guess I’ve always thought about how others perceived me– I suppose we all do— but now I can actually step outside myself. I was not always able to do this. It’s amazing how one person’s revelation about how they saw you can color how you look back on the past. Events that were of a certain dimension in my memory suddenly have a different depth. Someone revealed to me that perhaps people in my past attempted to control my intelligence and beauty (his words, not mine). People wanted my attention so they responded to me in a way as to garner my focus. That’s rather fucked up. Alas, this is another person’s perspective, mind you, but it’s interesting to consider. I’m not going to get my head up my ass or anything, but it’s a matter of intrigue… for reflection at least. It’s difficult to perceive how someone else can think of me as they do… when I see myself and all my faults. Perhaps I was less willing to admit to them before. That was a point that was made to me, too. I am more open in general, and I am willing to admit when I am wrong and accept criticism. Growth is good. It’s especially good when you can share your growth with someone and they are willing to give you another chance because they can see the change in you.