Daily Archives: 2005-10-28

NIN Show Last Night

I saw NIN (again!) at Phillips Arena last night. What an amazing show! The band has such high energy, and they maintained that energy the whole time. I had floor tickets, which really is the only way to experience live tunes. The only thing that was a bit off was the crowd– I was rockin’ out the whole damned time, as I always do at a good show… and especially when I’m experiencing Nine Inch Nails. However, most of the crowd appeared to be on some form of mid-grade tranquilizers. Didn’t get me wrong, mind you, but a show is a shared experience… and it sucks when the energy of those around you is just not there. So I kept my focus on the stage, the music, and the band. Their energy fueled me, and it felt as if mine did the same for them. Rock on.