Daily Archives: 2005-10-31

Dancing with (Talking to) Myself?

Argh. I’m back to where I’ve been before… wondering whether it’s even worthwhile to post my random thoughts and questions to this little corner of the web. You see, I do have an offline electronic journal, as well as an offline paper journal… and I am more forthright and straightforward in those journals for obvious reasons… not wanting to lay it all out here and such. However, would that be preferable? Just put it all out there?

Because all these thoughts I post at random leave me feeling much like Billy Idol, although I am not dancing with myself but talking (typing) to myself. I dunno what to do from this point. Surely, I know that at least *someone* reads my ramblings… because I have the webstats to prove it. However, I do hope to elicit responses from some of my posts… Meh. I dunno. Just another rambling post to get something off my chest, I suppose. I’m just at the point now where I’m wondering whether any of it is even worthwhile. Perhaps I am just overanalyzing… but it’s another stream of consciousness meant to do something, even if it’s wrong, I suppose.


Once you realize that something will only go as far as someone else shall allow… what do you do? Do you enjoy the ride, as HST may have claimed… “But the ticket, take the ride,” or do you back off, knowing that you yourself may become too involved to let things just flow…?