Do NOT ever get an AT&T Universal Card

Okay, so if someone has a good experience with a company, they’ll tell a friend. If they have a bad experience, they tell 5. Well I’m not just someone, so I am trying to tell at least a few hundred… over time.

Don’t ever, ever get a credit card with AT&T Universal card. I’ve had credit cards with (too) many companies, and they have given me the run around time and time again for stupid shit. The final straw? I missed one payment by 8 days, then made an immediate payment over the phone. They decided that my penalty should be a $40 fee and taking my interest rate from 12% to 30%! Yes, worse than a goddamned store credit account. Ok, so here’s the rub: I closed this account in May. Apparently, because this account is closed they cannot change the interest rate down. That’s what the lovely customer service rep informed me of. So, until I pay down the account in full, my interest rate is 30%. Fuck me, and fuck AT&T Universal.

Tell your friends.