Having One of Those Weeks

Man, I am just having a hell of a week. Things were pretty great overall for the past couple months, and then WHOOSH! Everything goes down the toilet. Well, to be fair, not everything has completely gone to hell. It’s just a lot of crappy things seem to have befallen me with the start of this week.

Even now, I’m not even finishing typing my goddamned post… but I managed to hit something that made the post submit as-is. So I am still working on this post… if you’re reading it now and this is the last paragraph break, then come back for all the side-splitting excitement.

Yes, I AM in a mood. If you have a problem with it and don’t care to read my rant, then go somewhere else. The faint of heart need not continue. So what the fuck is my deal, then? Shall I continue on in utter abstraction ad nauseum? Certainly not. Well, let’s see… for starters, my boyfriend left town on Monday, which kinda sucks. Not sure what his plan is, but I hope that I we can figure all that out. That’s one thing I’m pretty guarded about, folks. Current relationships. I just don’t like to divulge too much of what I am thinking/feeling/etc. I would hate for my significant other to catch wind of something I posted via the gossip train, particularly if it were out of context. Plus, I just have issues in general with revealing too much/too little in romantic relationships, so that chip on my shoulder holds me back. Needless to say, my point is… my man is gone, for now at least, and it sucks.

What else, what else? Well, I managed to plan my finances poorly and blow through my paycheck over the weekend. I had been very on top of my finances and budget before I switched jobs, but I hadn’t taken the time to update my budget or keep track of my spending/bill paying once I started my new job… plus I started dating the guy I am with now around this time… and going out a lot more… so my spending has been a bit unbridled. Without thinking, I paid a bunch of my bills… then realized that I’d missed a payment on one of my credit cards. Not only did the bastards make me pay the missed payment, the current payment, and a late fee… but the fuckers raised my APR from a decent 10% to a ridiculous 30%. Something about that is just wrong. Clearly, I am having some, albeit limited, issues with making my payments on time. So I screw up once… and you completely fuck me over. Let’s see, this poor young girl is so broke she missed a payment. Hmm, let’s anally rape her for all she’s worth and more. So, not only do I have about $0 to live on for the next week and a half, now I have to desperately try to get a new credit card (if possible, given my credit rating) or seek out a consumer credit counseling agency. I think I am going to attempt the latter.

Okay, well it looks like lunch time is over… I’ll try to continue this lovely rant at a later time. Any advice would be great… or even shared stories of woe and financial torment. Peace for now.

Afternoon Addendum:
To add insult to injury, my favorite jeans (and the only ones that actually fit comfortably right now due to my recent binge of drinking, eating junk, and not exercising) have sprouted holes and are refusing to accept the patches that I’ve ironed on in a futile attempt to save this ever-so expensive, stylish item of clothing that’s becoming a commodity in my wardrobe. [see my post from yesterday re. hating clothes because (a) I spend too much on them (jeans in particular) for them to tear up faster than any Levi’s I could beat the shit out of, and (b) because my fat ass isn’t fitting nicely in my wardrobe so I hate all my clothes in general]. Fuck.