I hate clothes

My stupid new (only 2 months old) black pair of slacks from the Gap are already sprouting a small hole near the back pocket for no apparent reason.

My favorite (designer) jeans always manage to sprout holes. I patch them until I can’t patch them anymore.

My favorite Corduroy jacket has sprouted a hole at the elbow of my right arm.

For this and other reasons, I hate clothes. But I have to have them and wear them. And part of my problem is also that I’ve had quite a time lately drinking lots of beer and Jager, which means that half of my clothes don’t fit as I’d like them to. So that’s a bitch, too. Clothes suck. I wish I could wear a fucking uniform… of my own creation, I suppose… I guess I *could.* I just need to find some slacks that don’t rip and some decent style shirts I don’t have to iron. But man, do I want to do that? Grr. It’s a struggle.