Good Fortune(s)… Literally.

So, I managed to eat Chinese food for dinner two nights in a row because, let’s face it, Chinese food rules! Actually, I do this often because I typically have leftovers, but this was not the case this past week. I ordered Chinese delivery one evening while hanging out with one of my buddies, and then I went to PF Chang’s for my brother’s birthday the next night. Honestly, I have been disappointed lately with most of the fortunes that pop out of the lovely little cookie at the end of my meal… they haven’t really been fortunes but more like statements or comments. They have been lame. Until now. See, I thought my first fortune was great, and then I got the second. I sense a pattern here. Without further ado, I present to you my good fortunes. May they ring true!

  • 1/18 : You will be successful in your work.
  • 1/19: Your talents will capture you the highest status and prestige.

My life is quite interesting right now, and these fortunes parallel much of what is happening, which is why they struck a nerve and I saved them… and now feel the need to share them. I cannot go into all the details, but things are taking an interesting turn in my life. It’s quite a ride, and I’ll give you more details when I get a bit of distance and perspective. Until then, here’s hoping that my life incorporates these good omens*.

*No, I do not hold pieces of paper from tasty cookies to actually indicate or perpetuate changes my life… I am not that naive. However, I do find coincidences quite compelling, and I believe that right thought can produce right action, which can result in great things. Yes, that may sound a bit naive and dreamy to the skeptical reader, but it’s actually not. It’s coming from a place of experience and knowledge. You can bury yourself in your own negativity, and I refuse to be the cause of unhappiness in my life. There are many things in this life I cannot control, but I can control how I approach situations, and I choose to see the inherent coolness in cheesy little things like this. If that is a crime, then so be it. I have committed many crimes before, and I shall commit more before I depart this earth…